ayicc callWorking for – and with African Youths for a Sustainable Africa is an incomparable experience!

A total of 10 positions are now open for youth leaders from Africa to lead this awesome and fast-growing network, the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC). The new team will have a mandate of two (2) years ranging from 2012-2014.

The positions that are open for nominations are as follows:

1.   The Executive Coordinator (1)

2.   The Executive Coordinator (1)

3.   Deputy Executive Coordinator/Programme Director (1)

4.   Finance and Fundraising Officer (1)

5.   Networking and Partnerships Officer (1)

6.   Information and Communications Officer (1)

7.    Regional Coordinators (5) (East Africa Regrion, West Africa Region , Central Africa Region, North Africa Region and South Africa)

The deadline for completion of the nomination form by interested youth leaders is SUNDAY 22ND JANUARY 2012, 22:00 GMT. Anyone interested in applying should read this email completely through.


AYICC at scope

Timelines for AYICC 2012-2014 Leadership elections
The TORs of the 10 positions opened
Criteria for focal point selection
Meet and greet the applicants
Voting process
After the election


AYICC at scope


The African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) is an umbrella network bringing together more than.


With active member organizations in 33 African countries AYICC aims to equip African youth with the skills and opportunities that are needed to influence climate policy locally, nationally and internationally. It coordinates the efforts from African youth so that they can act in a more coordinated and effective manner at forums such as the UNFCCC, UNCSD, AU forums etc. Nationally and locally AYICC Chapters are involved in activities like awareness rising, tree planting, environmental education, stakeholder consultations and community projects around sustainable development and environmental conservation among others. AYICC is also driven by the urgent need to have African youths more fairly and equally represented at the international climate talks in the same capacity as other youths globally, because it appeared clearly that African youths were almost totally absent in all these processes.


Over the 5 years since its inception, AYICC has gained recognition by several international organizations such as the African Union Commission, UNEP, AMCEN UNECA, UNFPA, UNDP-AAP, UNICEF,UN Habitat the World Bank among others.


For more info about AYICC, please visit our website: http://www.ayicc.net/


Advantages of being part of AYICC Leadership

AYICC is a platform where youth leaders from across the continent are challenged to meeting and discovering each other’s cultures and promoting best practices in unison for the good of our beloved Africa.

Different cultures, different languages, different aspirations, different potential and academic skills, youths without formal education, youths from indigenous communities, gender diversity, age disparities, different tempers….All of them come together in harmonious unity and friendship where diversity makes power.

AYICC is a rainbow youth network that is envisaged to serve as a benchmark for a United Africa towards One Cause.

AYICC is a voluntary-based network and no salary is given for any of the advertised positions. However, there are a lot of learning opportunities in leadership, projects managements, networking opportunities, representing AYICC at various fora among others. The position will open up many other networks from around the world.

Above all, Working with and for AYICC is a very rewarding experience, it is  a chance to make history together with African youth.


Timelines for AYICC 2012-2014 Leadership elections

15TH JANUARY 2012-  22ND JANUARY 2012: Call for nomination for the positions are opened.

The call for nomination will be circulated throughout AYICC networks, via email on AYICC mailing list until voting opens. The nomination will be closed on SUNDAY 22ND JANUARY 2012 at 22:00 GMT.


You can nominate yourself for any position by going to this link http://tinyurl.com/78z86j2


23RD JANUARY 2012– 29TH JANUARY 2012: Voting opens

Voting closes: SUNDAY 29TH JANUNARY 2012 AT 22:00 pm GMT.


03RD FEBRUARY 2012: Publication of the results




The terms of references are also described in the document attached in this call.
Minimum Criteria for l0 positions

Any potential candidate should:

  • Be aged between 18-35 years of age.
  • Must currently be a citizen of an African country.
  • Possess specific skills for their position of choice
  • Possess some experience working with youths in an international environment
  • Available for 2 years to serve African youths and Africa (2012-2014)
  • Passion to work with youth
  • Have good English and/or French writing, reading and conversational skills.
  • Promote the values and approaches of AYICC : democratic, inclusive and representative decision-making processes, empowerment, transparency, cooperation and equity;
  • Be able to attend international Conferences during their term;
  • Be trusted and be able to build a trusting relationship with other youths in the network;
  • Have experience in multicultural settings and interest in supporting a multicultural and international movement.

AYICC is a gender sensitive network. So we encourage young female leaders  from the continent to apply.



Voting process

Voting will take place following the process outlined here:

  • Voting will be done by individuals online.
  • Each individual will have to identify his country and his organization;
  • Each individual will have the right to place a vote one candidate for each position, but they can place a vote for all the positions.
  • One candidate with the highest number of votes received for each position will stand elected for that particular position.

The results will be announced on the AYICC listserve and on the website on the evening of Friday 03RD FEBRUARY 2012.
After the election

The elect AYICC leaders will fully assume their roles a month starting from 1st March 2012 after a one month introductory and training period.

Remember – the deadline for filling out the nomination form is SUNDAY 22ND JANUARY 2012 at 22:00 GMT.


You can find the form to nominate yourself here: http://tinyurl.com/78z86j2


If you have any questions about the process, about AYICC or The positions that are advertised please feel free to contact the AYICC Election Committee on this EMAIL: ayiccelection@ayicc.net


Good luck to youall!!.