Working for – and with African Youths for a Sustainable Africa is an incomparable experience!

A total of 10 positions are now open for youth leaders from Africa to lead this awesome and fast-growing network, the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC). The new team will have a mandate of two (2) years ranging from 2012-2014.

The positions that are open for nominations are as follows:

1.   The Executive Coordinator (1)

2.   The Executive Coordinator (1)

3.   Deputy Executive Coordinator/Programme Director (1)

4.   Finance and Fundraising Officer (1)

5.   Networking and Partnerships Officer (1)

6.   Information and Communications Officer (1)

7.    Regional Coordinators (5) (East Africa Regrion, West Africa Region , Central Africa Region, North Africa Region and South Africa)

The following are the Terms of Reference for each position:

a)         The Executive Coordinator

The executive coordinator shall:

  1. Oversee all the activities of AYICC in all Africa
  2. Be the chief executive officer and head of AYICC
  3. Coordinate the activities of AYICC and working committees as well as make final decision in the event where working committees have disagreement.
  4. Ensure efficient and smooth running of the AYICC and the Secretariat.
  5. Represent AYICC in strategic meetings, conferences and any other events
  6. Serve as the chief spokesperson of AYICC
  7. Supervise the work of the Secretariat of AYICC and coordinate the implementation of AYICC’s activities and projects
  8. Nominate chairpersons of ad-hoc committees as may be needed and coordinate such committee activities

a)      Deputy Executive Coordinator/Programme Director

The Deputy Executive Coordinator shall:

  1. Assist the Executive Coordinator in carrying out his/her duties
  2. Act in the absence of the Executive Coordinator
  3. Supervise and support the work of AYICC Regional Coordinators
  4. Work closely with the AYICC executive committee to develop project proposals, programmes and enhance the AYICC portfolio
  5. Coordinate and supervise AYICC projects and programmes

b)     Finance and Fundraising Officer

             The Finance and Fundraising Officer shall:

  1. Maintain and keep records of all AYICC’s financial expenditures
  2. Shall be responsible for the allocation and disbursement of funds, and therefore, he/she will be a signatory to AYICC’s accounts
  3. Submit financial reports to the AYICC General Assembly and arrangements for the annual examination audit of the accounts as may be required by the General Assembly.
  4. He/she shall be responsible for membership billing
  5. He/she shall form and head a fundraising committee to source for funding opportunities for AYICC

c)      Networking and Partnerships Officer

  1. Is responsible to get connections with organizations in order to establish contacts and foster networking and collaboration with them.
  2. Shall Identify and facilitate a profitable working relationship with different organizations working on climate related issues
  3. Shall develop and implement new ideas to initiate contact with organizations especially with the offices and representatives of organizations sharing similar ideals and activities with AYICC in hopes of gaining guidance, mentorship, funding, and access to information for both organizations and groups within AYICC
  4. Shall assist in developing and maintaining outstanding relations with United Nations Agencies, the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa, international cooperation agencies .
  5. Shall assist in mapping youth-led civil society organizations in Africa in collaboration with regional and national coordinators
  6. Shall spearhead the formation of AYICC National Chapters in collaboration with Regional Coordinators
  7. Shall promote networking and alliance building among AYICC National Chapters and serve as liaison between AYICC management team and  national chapters


d)     e) Information and Communications Officer

  1. Shall Serve as spokesperson of AYICC and promote mass information, communication and education among AYICC membership and partner organizations
  2. Shall Serve as AYICC liaison to the media, regional networks, and other partners.
  3. Shall remind AYICC members of upcoming events, programmes and activities
  4. Shall manage and administer AYICC website content
  5. Will oversee the developing and repackaging information for AYICC including newsletter, brochures, posters, blogs, social networking and other publicity materials.
  6. Shall be in charge of AYICC’s internal communications/correspondence with members.
  7. Shall handle AYICC external communication and correspondences with partners, donors and the continental AYICC.
  8. Shall be in charge of all AYICC database and data banks.
  9. Shall be responsible for developing member profiles.
  10. Be in charge of AYICC on-line presence, that is, the AYICC website, list-serve, wiki portals, blog and social network updates. He/she shall also be responsible for the AYICC online materials.
  11. Shall be responsible for the development and dissemination of AYICC policy documents.

f) Regional Coordinators (5 coordinators for East, West, Central, North and South Africa)

  1. Shall report to the Executive coordinator
  2. Coordinate and monitor all activities of AYICC in their respective region
  3. Shall remind members of upcoming programmes/activities in their  region
  4. Shall be  collectively responsible in developing National Chapters reporting template
  5. Shall assist and guide the formation of AYICC National Chapters  in respective region
  6. Shall ensure strengthening of AYICC national chapters and follow up
  7. Shall ensure that AYICC national Chapters have a national mailing list
  8. Shall ensure sure that the elected  AYICC national coordinators in respective region  are in the National coordinators database and mailing list
  9. Shall ensure that AYICC National chapters  in the respective region have established National Action Plan
  10. Shall ensure that AYICC national reports are submitted on time.
  11. Shall manage and implement all AYICC’s activities and projects in their respective regions.
  12. Shall be the chief spokesperson for AYICC in their respective regions
  13. Represent AYICC in regional meetings.
  14. Shall coordinate liaison and partnership  of AYICC regional/ national chapters  with the regional partners in respective regions
  15. Ensure liaison between  AYICC National Chapters and Management Committee
  16. Orientation of regional actions, monitoring and follow-up of AYICC activities at regional  and national level

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