Globally, Africa is seen as a continent particularly vulnerable to   the impacts of climate change. The anticipated detrimental impacts associated   with the environmental challenge of climate change will ultimately modify   Africa’s economies and livelihoods, health, social structure, infrastructure   and natural systems. To date little has been done to empower, capacitate and mobilise youth, particularly in Africa to address global   environmental challenges such as climate change. facebook down back links To remedy this, an initial   step has been the formation of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change   (AYICC).

The African Youth Initiative on Climate Change was formed   partially in response to the poor representation of young Africans at the   International Youth Summit on Climate Change (November 24-28, 2005), which was   held in conjunction with the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference   (November 28-December 10, 2005) in Montreal, Canada. The overall mission of   AYICC is to ensure that African youth are equipped toparticipate   in future UNFCCC meetings and other global initiatives for sustainable   solutions to environmental degradation and climate change.

In order to ensure a strong youth presence in climate change   dialogue and fora, there is a need for AYICC to   ensure youth representation from various parts of Africa. This will enable   Africa’s youth to engage with the global youth movement, governments and NGO’s   in a more coordinated and sustained manner. The long term goal is to ensure   sustainable and systematic global youth action, with special emphasis on   African youth on the issue of climate change.

Presently the concept of AYICC has been taken forward by African   youth in the absence of any financial assistance. The planning committee   members have volunteered their time and their contributions. However, in order   to make this vision a reality we need to become a financially viable organisation. For this reason, we would like to request   your financial assistance in getting this vision off the ground..