Ayicc New Elect Team



” Working for – and with African Youths for a Sustainable Africa is an incomparable experience!”

Dear all,

It is our pleasure to finally announce the results of the recently concluded elections. We sincerely congratulate the New AYICC Leadership and wish them well in office. The task ahead is huge and expectations are high, challenges are many but not insurmountable. The entire AYICC fraternity will always be there to cheer you on.

During the electioneering period nominations for two positions were re-announced, that is for Finance and Fundraising Officer as well as for the Central African Coordinator. We will announce the results for the two positions later on.

One nominee was disqualified on the basis of age and one candidate withdrew their candidacy for a position.

There were cases where candidates nominated themselves for more than one position and these still went on the ballot. There has been concern that this gave those individuals unfair advantage, this has been well noted.  We wish to let you know that the AYICC Election Committee had considered this way before the call to vote and came to the resolution that since the Nomination regulations had not stated expressly and clearly  that candidates could not nominate themselves more than once, so there were no fair grounds for the Committee to impose that rule at that later stage.

We had resolved that, in cases where a candidate could win two positions , the concerned candidate would have to decide which position to take and the second best candidate on the second position would automatically take over and assume that position. However, we are cognizant of the fact that this may have given some individuals unfair advantage and we pledge that future regulations will have to be clearer that a candidate can only nominate themselves for only one(1) position. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

We wish as well to extend our sincere apologies to all the French speaking countries, that we were not able to send out any of the communication in French, in future we shall endeavor to have a French Translation for all communication.

We wish to thank the over 50 very good candidates who sent forth their nominations for the various positions. We believe that all these individuals possess relevant skills and knowledge to take AYICC to the next level. We were impressed by the very mature manner in which these individuals sought for votes. We however regret that there were a few cases of not so very pleasant emails doing the rounds during this period but we hope we can all rise beyond that and look at the bigger picture. A better Africa; A better place for our children; A more equal and climate just continent; that’s what we should always strive for.

There were only 8 slots available, so only the votes had to decide which nominee should be considered for each position.

We sincerely thank as well the over 800 organizations and individuals in the more than 30 countries who took their time to cast their votes. We hope that this enthusiastic participation will go on beyond this elections; we are counting on it in days to come when addressing the many issues related to environment and sustainable development in Africa.

We wish to share with you the rules that we have abided by to count the votes in a way that we think is more fair considering the fact AYICC is a Panafrican platform where each country has equal voting weight.


For each position, Each AYICC CHAPTER/Country had TWO VOTES for each candidate voted for. One vote for an individual and one for an organization.

Only votes from Africa were considered.

For Regional positions, only countries belonging in the region of concern were considered for votes counting.

The candidates with the highest number of votes received (total of individual and organization votes) for each position stand elected for that particular position.

The results will are hereby announced on the AYICC list-serve and on website on this 6th day of February 2012.

These are as follows:

AYICC New Elect Team:

  1.  Executive Coordinator: Ceesay IBRAHIM (THE GAMBIA – Male)
  2.  Deputy Executive Coordinator / Program Director: Justine BRABY ( NAMIBIA – Female)
  3. Networking and Partnership Officer: Jean Paul Brice AFFANA AFFANA  ( CAMEROON – Male)
  4. Information and Communication Officer: HANNANE JIHANE ( MOROCCO – Female)
  5. Regional Coordinator for East Africa: MINAI JOSHUA ( KENYA – Male)
  6. Regional Coordinator for West Africa:  NNAEMEGO NKIRUKA (NIGERIA – Female)
  7. Regional Coordinator for South Africa: LOMBE BILLY MWANSA (ZAMBIA – Male)
  8. Regional Coordinator for North Africa: CHIROUF SELMA (ALGERIA – Female)

This list can also be found on the AYICC website: www.ayicc.net

For a breakdown of results please visit the document here attached or click here: http://tiny.cc/pfk0g

We congratulate the above new elect team and we ask all the new AYICC leaders to get in touch with the AYICC Election Committee confirming their availability for the position they have been voted for before Friday, February 10th 2012 at midnight.

They will be requested to sign an AYICC Leaders Commitment Pledge before they start office.

We wish to recall that AYICC is a voluntary-based network and as of now, no formal salary is given for any of the positions. However, there are a lot of learning opportunities in leadership, projects managements, networking opportunities, representing AYICC at various international fora among others. The position will open up many other networks from around the world.  But be assured that there are more advantages in working for this awesome network.

Results for the two remaining positions (Fundraising and finance officer and regional coordinator for central Africa) where voting is ongoing will be announced in the course of the week.


The elect AYICC leaders will fully assume their roles starting from 1st March 2012 after a one month introductory orientation and training period.


We further thank you for exhibiting patience even where we were unable to keep up with the timelines due to the many other commitments members of the AYICC ELECTION COMMITTEE.

We also salute the observers of this selection process.

Finally we salute all the members of the AYICC Elections Committee for self-lessly working on this, spending many sleepless nights since January. It was the best team ever. May you all be richly rewarded.

It has been our pleasure to do this; we learnt a lot during this period. We hope that in a small way we have contributed to the continued growth of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC).


Thank you! Merci Beaucoup!