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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Climate change survey says 83% willing to make sacrifices

More than 80 per cent of people believe climate change is a serious threat and are willing to make sacrifices to combat it, a survey by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) showed today. Just 17 per cent of the 1,000 people polled were not prepared to change their travel habits to tackle the climate [...]

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Saffron Flowers and Sunken Gardens

This publication, a Drynet initiative, presents successful initiatives happening in differents regions affected by desertication. Examples to show that positive change is possible and can inspire many people working in Drylands. For more information download :Drynet_Saffron_flowers_and_sunken_gardens_english (PDF). facebook down .

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Continent Rejects New Climate Change Pact

As the clock ticks towards the climate change talks in Copenhagen, Africa has now declared that it will not accept a new pact to replace the Kyoto Protocol. The African negotiators have also stated that neither will they accept a merger of the protocol that is currently in use, with a new agreement. In a [...]

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East Antarctic ice sheet may be losing mass

The East Antarctic ice sheet has been losing mass for the last three years, according to an analysis of data from a gravity-measuring satellite mission. The scientists involved say they are "surprised" by the finding, because the giant East Antarctic sheet, unlike the west, has been thought to be stable. Other scientists say ice loss [...]

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Concours artistique Empreintes : les jeunes font entendre leur voix à la COP15

Date limite :3 décembre 2009 Secteur(s) d'interventionEnvironnement, Arts / CultureDescriptionTakingITGlobal organise un concours artistique à l'occasion de la COP15. Le Concours Empreintes explore les thèmes suivants : • L'empreinte écologique – une mesure de la pression exercée par les êtres humains sur la planète, et / ou • Le nombre 350– le niveau en parties par millions que les scientifiques [...]

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AYICC Founding Opportunities

Globally, Africa is seen as a continent particularly vulnerable to   the impacts of climate change. The anticipated detrimental impacts associated   with the environmental challenge of climate change will ultimately modify   Africa's economies and livelihoods, health, social structure, infrastructure   and natural systems. To date little has been done to empower, capacitate and mobilise youth, particularly in [...]

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