AYICC Delegation at the CCDA-111 Conference

Group picture of Participants after the Cclimate Change, Youth & Development Side Event during the CCDA-111 Conference

Launch Meeting with Mr. Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu, Chair of African Group for UNFCCC Negotiations During the CCDA-111 Conference



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Climate change has become a new reality and a worldwide phenomenon but a second look at the topic suggests that Nigeria may not be immune from it. In effect, climate change will mean a change in such weather conditi...

“Dufashe Isi / Let’s Save the World” Local Actions, Global Impacts. By Landry

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On June 5, 2014 during the celebration of the World Environment Day, the Rwanda #YACA (Youth Alliance for Climate Actions) aka RYACA which is the AYICC Chapter for Rwanda, released a music video “ Dufashe Isi / Let's ...

AYICC Participate at Johannesburg Post-2015 Meeting

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A month ago over 50 people from 6 continents, representing networks and organisations working on sustainable development came together in Istanbul. Together they explored opportunities to move the ongoing debate on t...

African Youth Alliance on Post2015 Holds 1st Inaugural Meeting

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The African Youth Alliance on Post2015 Agenda was launched on the 24th of September 2013, in New York during the 68th Session UNGA and UN MDG Summit 2013. The alliance was launched by the UN Youth Envoy and attended b...